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Grading Timber

Grading Timber

Visual Stress Grading (Hardwood / Softwood / Cypress)

These courses train participants in the knowledge and skills required to visually stress grade timber. This includes the identification and measurement of characteristics and their evaluation against the grading rules to determine the applicable stress grade and addresses elements;

  • Assess and interpret grading requirements
  • Prepare for grading
  • Identify and measure characteristics
  • Evaluate the size and effect of characteristics or grades, and
  • Grade the hardwood/softwood/cypress

Appearance Grading (Grading sawn and milled products: Hardwood / Softwood / Cypress)

These courses can be run in conjunction with Visual Stress Grading or on their own. Participants learn the knowledge and skills involved in identifying and evaluating the features and imperfections of sawn and milled products to determine their final grade.  Sawn and milled products may include strip flooring, light decking, parquet flooring, lining boards, dress boards, joinery, mouldings, cladding, fascia, barge boards, overlay strip flooring and furniture components.

Successful participants will receive a Statement of Attainment. Criteria covered in the appearance grading courses are;

  • Assess and interpret grading requirements
  • Prepare for grading
  • Identify and measure features and imperfections
  • Evaluate the size and effect of features and imperfections, and
  • Grade the sawn or milled hardwood/softwood/cypress product

Courses may be run in central location or at your work site. Any unit from the forest industry training package can be designed as a short course and any participant completing a course under the National Training Package will be issued with a Statement of Attainment upon successful completion.

There may be a number of different funding options available to employers/employees of the industry using federal and/or state government funding. These initiatives can subsidise training and assessment for one competency(subject), a group of competencies or a nationally recognised qualification.

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